Entrepreneurship skills to support Covid-19 response efforts

August 3, 2020
August 5, 2020

Entrepreneurship skills to support Covid-19 response efforts

City’s Business School student harnesses entrepreneurship skills to support Covid-19 response efforts

Mujtaba Shaikhani, MSc Entrepreneurship student has been working with his family business to develop disinfection chambers, which are currently in use across the UAE.

hands owing to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Mujtaba Shaikhani, (MSc Entrepreneurship), moved back home to Dubai in March 2020 and decided to take an active role in his family’s manufacturing business.

Mujtaba, who also holds a BSc Business Management from City’s Business School, spotted a need in the market for walk-through sanitisation chambers and capitalised on the opportunity to introduce a new product to his family business’ portfolio.

Mujtaba Shaikhani
The aforementioned product is called Gulf-o-Gate and is currently in use in government departments, supermarkets and hotels across the UAE.  Made of steel and four feet wide, it works as an automatic walk-through disinfectant sprayer.

Mujtaba said: “I was lucky in that I already had the resources in handto fast-track my business idea into execution. I was also armed with the skills and knowledge that I had gained on the MSc Entrepreneurship programme, which gave me the confidence to follow through with the idea.

“What sets this product apart in the UAE market is that it is considerably cheaper and made of steel to withstand the scorching temperatures in the summer. We have sold over thirty gates to date. My current plan is to focus on further innovating the product to make it more relevant, desirable and sought after in the UAE and Gulf region.

“Studying on the MSc Entrepreneurship programme, we are always reminded by academics about the importance of perseverance and taking initiative. It’s an indescribable feeling to know that I have introduced something that is of value to the community and am making a difference. My advice to my peers and budding entrepreneurs would be to grab an opportunity when you see it and to never be afraid of failure.”


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