Create a safe,Covid-free enviroment for your people,with the UAE'sNumber 1 Sanitation gate

Gulf O Gate

Gulf O Gate, is a disinfecting chamber which covers 360 degrees with sanitization product and thus disinfects and helps to protect anyone or anything that enters it. It helps to eradicate any germs and impurities, specifically the virus and is targeted at being installed at entrances of various venues across the region. As the World opens up and consumers are given more freedom to resume normal activities, reassuring consumers and employees of their safety are vital and the sanitization gate is able to both reassure the public of safety measures and also greatly reduce the chances of further spreading any impurities, in any given venue. Thus, helping ensure everybody’s safety and wellbeing during these uncertain and frightening times.

Gulf o Gate
Disinfection Chamber
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Gulf-O-Cam Thermal Screening Smart Monitoring

Gulf O Cam

Gulf-O-Cam Thermal Screening Smart Monitoring! Easy to Install Thermal Imaging Camera Systems to Combat Against COVID-19 Pandemic! As businesses start to come back to normal operation, we are still at risk of continued interruption due to the spread of infection and disease. Gulf-O-Cam thermal imaging solutions can help screen fever temperature, which is the possible sign of infection. From public spaces such as airports, educational institutes (schools/colleges/universities) and metro terminals to government buildings, private offices, and factories; deploying Gulf-O-Cam thermal imaging cameras for screening provides a safer and secure environment for all.

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Gulf O Guard

When you need total facial splash protection, choose the gulf o guard protective isolation mask. The face guard's wrap-around design provides the user with great peripheral vision while acting as a protective guard against non-hazardous liquid splash. You can wear the lightweight guard comfortably for long periods and fits easily over prescription glasses or protective eyewear. A double-sided anti-fog coating reduces the possibilities of fogging in high humidity environments. For safe working conditions, the faceguard is low distorting and opacity clear while a soft polyurethane foam headband securely positions the device on the user.

The cost-effective safety faceguard Comfortable and skin-friendly sponge Disposable faceguard Anti-fog, Anti Bacterial Removable plastic for clear visison Complete splash face guarding

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