Flexible Uninsulated Duct

Gulf-O-Flex® provide innovative Flexible Uninsulated Duct that customer loved to have.

Provide an essential addition to your home with the addition of this high affordable Gulf-O-Flex Heavy Duty Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duc

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30-36 Foster

Gulf-O-Seal 30-36 & 3036 AF (Canvas Coating)

Gulf-O-Seal 30-36 is tough and flexible adhesive and sealant, forming a durable seal against air leakage. Due to its excellent water and abrasion resistance, it can be used in indoors in the thermal insulation system on metal duct.

Gulf-O-Flex® Glue

Gulf-O-Flex® Glue rubber seal is a single component black color having odor of organic solvents, high-quality adhesive for bonding closed-cell elastomeric Insulation. Gulf-O-Flex® Glue ls polychloroprene adhesive specially developed for bonding closed-cell elastomeric Insulation, Materials to themselves and with other materials like Metals, rigid PYC sheet, Formica, Melamine, PU foam, and Rubber sheet.

Aluminum FSK Tape

Gulf-O-Flex® Aluminium Tape

Gulf-O-Flex® Aluminum Tape is used for vapor sealing fiberglass duct board and sheet: metal ducts, specially designed for air-conditioning ducts. t's made from malleable aluminum foil with crossed linked acrylic.
PVC Tapes

Gulf-O-Flex® PVC Tape

Gulf-O-Flex® PVC Tape ls designed mainly for Industrial use of pipe wrapping, Ideal for underground pipeline or conduct corrosion, hat a good resistance to moisture, humidity, corrosion and temperature variations, possess and outstanding conformity. This is made of plasticized PVC with a rubber adhesive, and available in colors of black and white.

Duct Tape

Gulf-O-Flex® Duct Tape

Gulf-O-Flex® Duct Tape adheres to all types of surfaces. The polyethylene coated cloth construction provides superior mechanical strength and conforms well to irregular surfaces. It is excellent for bonding, patching, and sealing. Itis straight and curl resistant.
32-17 Sealant

Gulf-O-Seal 32-17 (Acrylic Sealant)

Gulf-O-Seal 32-17 is a fire retardant, aqua-based, vapor barrier sealant for low, medium and high-velocity heating and air conditioning air ducts. it is specially formulated to meet Middle East weather conditions.

9 items rollup

Gulf-O-Flex® Flexible Insulated Duct

Gulf-O-Flex® Flexible Insulated Duct is made of a triple lamination of aluminum foil, polyester and metalized polyester film permanent bonded to a coated spring steel wire helix. Thermal efficiencies provided by wrapping the exterior with a blanket of fiberglass Insulation. The strong outer insulation jacket/vapor barrier Is made of fiberglass reinforced forced metalized polyester film laminated.
9 items rollup

Gulf-O-Flex® Flexible Uninsulated Duct

Gulf-O-Flex® Flexible Uninsulated Duct is made of a triple lamination of aluminum foil, polyester and metalized polyester film permanently bonded to a coated spring steel wire helix.

Rubber Cork Pad

Gulf-O-Flex® Rubber Cork Pads

Gulf-O-Flex® Rubber Cord Pads are made with the highest quality Oil Resistant Padding. The rubber pads are corrugated on both sides. The cork is laminated between two corrugated pads. Ideal for Air Conditioner, Compressors, Cooling tower, Presses machines, etc.
Rubber Pad

Gulf-O-Flex® Full Ribbed Rubber Pads

Gulf-O-Flex® Full Ribbed Rubber Pads are 18" square molded pads. The pads effectively control noise and vibration, particularly Involving heavy machine and equipment |s alternate high/low Ribbed Construction. Easy to Cut Pads can be cut to be slightly larger than the size of the leg or machine, using Shears or knife, easy field Installation and multiple layers of Ribbed mounting pad can be used to Increase deflection.

Metal Sandwich Pad

Gulf-O-Flex® Metal Sandwich Pad

Gulf-O-Flex® Metal Sandwich Pad is a multiple-layers pad separated by a steel plate for Inad distribution. Multi-layers are recommended where vibration and noise control are required. Metal sandwich pads are used for Air- conditioning, Pumps, Motors, Generators, and Fans simple field installation.
Canvas Cloth

Canvas Cloth

Our Canvas Cloth is commonly used with mastics & coatings to provide a protective barrier over the pipe and sheet insulation. Gulf-O-Flex® stocks have only 6,8 oz Canvas Cloth.

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