rubber insulation
Gulf-O-Flex® Rubber Insulation NBR
January 19, 2021
rubber insulation
Gulf-O-Flex® – Rubber Insulation NBR now is UL Certified
April 21, 2021


Rubber Vision


Our vision is to be the global leader in providing innovative technical rubber insulation products and a perfect cost-value balance to save energy.
Today we supply 56% of the region’s requirements for rubber NBR insulation products, and trade in the complete range of HVAC products. International exports to USA, Europe, Africa, and Far East Asia has enabled the company to achieve remarkable multi-million-dollar revenue and overall global success.
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The Largest Market for HVAC Insulation

The market is driven by rising growth of the construction industry coupled with increasing demand of HVAC system in developed and developing countries. The Middle East is estimated to witness high growth during the forecast period between 2016 and 2021.The demand in the Middle East region is strengthened by the emerging markets, namely, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
Middle East is currently the largest market for HVAC insulation. Significant growth in the building & construction industry of UAE, Qatar, Turkey, and Jordan drives the demand of HVAC insulation in this region. Moreover, growing awareness for reducing energy consumption in buildings and imposition of stringent regulations to enhance energy efficiency of buildings in major countries such as UAE and Saudi Arabia drives the market.
In addition, the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which will see a number of stadiums built, will increase demand for HVAC systems in the coming years. A growing construction sector would also lead to an increase in urbanization rates and create higher demand for the H-VAC system in the coming years.

HVAC in Construction Sector

This is one of the factors that would create a huge demand for HVAC systems in the construction sector, especially in countries such as UAE and Qatar. Due to the growth of green sectors, the market for HVAC will play a major role in increasing the sustainable energy use. The ability to dramatically reduce energy consumption and the increase in urbanization rates will boost the growth of the global H-VAC market. Moreover, it will also play a major role in future growth, owing to its enormous growth potential in renewable energy and the rise of renewable energy sources.

Longer service life

The wet resistance factor μ ≥ 10000. Gulf-O-Flex® rubber insulation completely closed bubble structure effectively prevent outside the water vapor permeability, to ensure the long-term stability of the material physical properties, the maximum extend the service life of the product under various environment.

Our Vision for Growth in 2021

NBR sheet & tube

The exciting new vision reveals our ambitions for the future and focuses on four key goals:
In maintaining our stature Pioneers in rubber insulation industry, Providing our contribution in making expo 2021 a huge success and Creating Best Quality Insulation Products.
We are also here to help as the construction industry is changing and the regulators have become more demanding in terms of environmental responsibility. Our products save energy, cut emissions and make buildings fit for the future. We have the experience and expertise to ensure all our customers achieve their ambitions.

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