Gulf-O-Flex® Rubber Insulation NBR

rubber insulation
History Of Rubber Insulation NBR
December 23, 2020
Rubber Vision
February 7, 2021

Gulf-O-Flex® Rubber Insulation NBR

rubber insulation


Rubber insulation material is made from nitrile-butadiene (NBR) as the main raw materials. NBR Insulation tube & Sheets are closed cell structures minimizing Heat gain or loss with the surroundings. It is widely used in Refrigeration, HVAC and Plumbing. The moisture-resistant characteristics make it especially valuable on chilled-water and refrigeration piping where condensation might otherwise soak through fibrous types of insulation, significantly degrading their thermal performance, leaving them susceptible to fungal growth and ultimately shortening their life cycle.rubber products



Better insulation effect

The initial coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.032 W/(m.k) 0 ℃. Gulf-O-Flex® insulation rubber adopts special formula technology, a complete closed bubble of internal structure, lower coefficient of thermal conductivity is more stable, long-term operation and energy saving effect is obvious.

technical rubber insulation

More Security

Gulf-O-Flex® rubber insulation approved by DCL certification. DCL quality certification by Dubai Municipality to maintain Green Building Regulations & Specifications Standards for products and operations. We are globally recognized by the ASTM (American Standard of Testing Materials), BSI (British Standard Institute), and ISO 9001:2015. All our products comply with all major international standards for the insulation industry. They are 100% factory-tested for sore hardness.

Longer service life

The wet resistance factor μ ≥ 10000. Gulf-O-Flex® rubber insulation completely closed bubble structure effectively prevent outside the water vapor permeability, to ensure the long-term stability of the material physical properties, the maximum extend the service life of the product under various environment.

Our Products:

NBR sheet & tube

Gulf-O-Flex® NBR Tube Insulation

Gulf-O-Flex® Rubber Pipe Insulation is a closed-cell elastomeric tube insulation product used to conserve energy and prevent condensation on piping applications. Gulf-O-Flex® Insulation Tubes has strong resistance to weathering, abrasion, petrochemicals, acids, and solvents. The foam is highly conformable while retaining the ability to return to its original state even after long periods of compression. helped by the fact that the foam has a low compression set.
Gulf-O-Flex® Insulation tubes is a smooth, tough outer protective skin.
Gulf-O-Flex® insulation tubes comes in several densities and in numerous thicknesses. .

The advantages and properties of Gulf-O-Flex® Insulation Tubes

Highly flexible and lightweight
Good compression set
Highly resistant to most chemicals
Impressive conformability
Self-extinguishing properties
Water resistant
Thermal and acoustic insulation
Good shock absorber
Available in antimicrobial grade
Dust and fiber-free properties make it applicable to a wide variety of surfaces.

Gulf-O-Flex® NBR Insulation Sheets

Gulf-O-Flex® Rubber Insulation sheet roll also called Vinyl Nitrile foam or PVC NBR foam, is one of most useful and excellent foam materials. They can be fabricated to be Nitrile foam tapes, strips, gaskets, pads, sheets and so on. NBR foam are mostly used for seals, gaskets, heat insulation, soundproof and vibration dampening applications. They are foamed polymer blend of PVC and Nitrile rubber materials. It is foamed Nitrile foam not like the solid and rigid Nitrile rubber. The expanded closed-cell structure makes it an efficient insulation.

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